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Tiffany Anthony

Tiffany Congrove

Tiffany Congrove graduated with a bachelor’s in Business and a Master’s in Education. She has been working with the DD population for about 15 years now. Tiffany worked in the schools in Texas and at Memorial Hospital as a Nurse’s Assistant and in Patient Access in Colorado Springs before moving up north. She has worked as a teacher in the northern part of Colorado teaching Special Education for 6 years. After relocating back to Colorado Springs in 2015, she decided to change career paths and work more in the social work field and began working with the Resource Exchange and with another PASA in the area running a Day Program and helping expand services from the Denver/Aurora area down into the Colorado Springs area. When the opportunity came up to help expand services for United Providers, Tiffany was happy to offer assistance to a company that she thought would do well in this area.
  • Respite


    Respite Care means services provided to an eligible member who is unable to care for himself/herself on a short term basis because of the absence or the need for relief of those persons normally providing care.

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  • Homemaker


    Homemaker Services are general household activities provided in the home of an eligible member when the person ordinarily responsible for these activities is absent or unable to manage these tasks.

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  • Residential


    Under Residential Habilitation Services and Supports (RHSS) the responsibility for the living environment rests with the service agency and encompass Individual Residential Services and Supports and Community Transition Services

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  • Supported Employment

    Supported Employment

    Supported employment services, which consist of paid employment for persons for whom competitive employment is unlikely, and who, because of their disabilities, need intensive ongoing support to perform in a work setting.

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  • Mentorship


    Provides necessary services and supports for individuals with adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities so they can remain in their homes and communities with minimal impact to individuals’ community and social supports.

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  • Prevocational Services

    Prevocational Services

    Prevocational services are designed to assist individuals with developmental disabilities in acquiring and maintaining work habits and work-related skills.

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