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Michele Sturdivant

Michele Sturdivant

Michele is a Veteran who has served in the United States Army for seven years. After her service she went ahead as a LPN with Memorial Hospital for two years. Wanting to build a rapport with her patients Michele decided to work as an Independent nurse requiring her to be a CareTaker, with setting up appointments and creating a daily itinerary. Michele would later chase her passion for fitness by becoming a certified personal trainer with Golds Gym. Two years of tracking clients progress and aspirations, she found new ways to keep her clients accountable and passionate. During this time frame Michele has always made time for her three children, where she became a part of several after school programs and volunteering when time allowed. Seeing the great good in our youth Michele decided to pursue a staff level position at Howbert Elementary. Sending additional time with underperforming students with valued one on one time and assisting multiple teachers even when time was not allowed. Michele is excited for her new endeavors with United Providers.
  • Respite


    Respite Care means services provided to an eligible member who is unable to care for himself/herself on a short term basis because of the absence or the need for relief of those persons normally providing care.

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  • Homemaker


    Homemaker Services are general household activities provided in the home of an eligible member when the person ordinarily responsible for these activities is absent or unable to manage these tasks.

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  • Residential


    Under Residential Habilitation Services and Supports (RHSS) the responsibility for the living environment rests with the service agency and encompass Individual Residential Services and Supports and Community Transition Services

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  • Supported Employment

    Supported Employment

    Supported employment services, which consist of paid employment for persons for whom competitive employment is unlikely, and who, because of their disabilities, need intensive ongoing support to perform in a work setting.

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  • Mentorship


    Provides necessary services and supports for individuals with adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities so they can remain in their homes and communities with minimal impact to individuals’ community and social supports.

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  • Prevocational Services

    Prevocational Services

    Prevocational services are designed to assist individuals with developmental disabilities in acquiring and maintaining work habits and work-related skills.

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